Blockhouse Bay dentist to fit braces

Blockhouse Bay Dentist- Definition of Dental Braces

Many people have various dental problems such as protruding or crooked teeth. Not only are these unsightly which can cause a loss of self-confidence, but they can also lead to longer-term dental and facial health issues.  The standard way of treating these and other oral conditions is to fit metal braces on the teeth, typically for a year or often two. For this you need to see a Blockhouse Bay dentist to fit braces, the article below can help. People with misaligned teeth are often recommended to wear braces to achieve a “perfect smile”.


What are dental braces?

In short, dental braces are devices affixed to the teeth to straighten them but slowly and gently pulling the teeth into the correct position. Click here for a formal definition of dental braces.


Braces are also known as orthodontics.


Typically these are metal frames fitted over the teeth with rubber bands holding a wire in place.  They are generally fitted for 18 months up to three years for severe treatment. The braces need regular adjustment by the dentist s the teeth are gradually moved into position.


Another type of dental brace is the self-ligating format and these do not need the rubber bands to hold them in place. For these braces, the wire passes into the metal bracket. This type of brace can often result in a faster treatment and usually needs fewer adjustments.


Unpleasant appearance of dental braces

Traditional dental braces have been metal frames fixed to the teeth and these can look unpleasant. They are certainly very noticeable which concerns some people, especially teenagers.


To help make braces less boring or obvious, think about getting dental braces of various colours which can match your teeth colour. Alternatively, you can decide to fully accept the braces and have very noticeable colours.


A more modern approach is to use invisible braces the most common being a brand called Invisalign.  These are clear plastic retainers that go over the teeth and are much less noticeable which helps hose patients who are sensitive about their appearance.


While these braces also require fewer visits to the dentist for adjustment, naturally they are more expensive than the regular metal ones. The brackets are made from a ceramic material which also adds to the cost of the invisible braces and is why they are sometimes called ceramic braces.


Some side effects of having dental braces

Blockhouse House Bay dentists for bracesThe primary aim of utilizing dental braces will be to find the jaw and teeth levelled properly. This is actually the time once you will require dental wax the most, as your own inner cheeks and lips are extremely sensitive to the friction resulting from the braces, but as soon as you’re accustomed to your own braces, you may not even require the wax. Some people go for lingual braces that are fixed behind the teeth, and thus aren’t visible.



Braces are commonly seen nowadays as more people realise they can treat their mis-aligned teeth. There are dentists in Blockhouse Bay to fit braces such as Avondale Dental Centre. Click the link to visit their site to get more details and book an appointment.