Orakei house building companies – finding a good one

Orakei house building companies – finding a good one

How To Choose The Best Orakei House Building Companies


Orakei house building companiesBuilding a house from scratch is both a blessing and a curse. There are lots of things to take into consideration before you can even lay the first brick. You need to have your floor plans designed, to get Council Consent for the building, to make sure you have the necessary funding, and other such things. One of the most important tasks is to pick the right building company. The internet is full or horror stories about poor quality builders, so you should do everything in your power to make the best choice. Here are a few tips to help you select the right house building company to help you.


Building Industry Licensing


The first thing to look for is that your builder is properly licensed. Find out what the assessing bodies are, and then check whether the building companies on your shortlist have the legal right to do their work. Good Orakei house building companies will be accredited so that should be no problem but do make sure. Look for an LBP logo.


The Design Of Your House


You can hire an architect or a designer yourself. However, many building companies have good relationships with experienced architects and designers. You can save time and energy by letting your builder handle this part of the project for you.


The first thing you should do is to discuss with your builder about your ideas and specific requirements. The builder will use this information to create a brief for the designer. This will speed up the process quite a great deal.


Check Out Their Work Portfolio


Looking at the quality of their previous work is a great way to narrow down your list of potential contractors. Everyone can claim they can build a high-quality house. However, they need to be able to prove it by showing you samples of their previous work. Their past projects can be your guarantee that you’ll have a great house, should you choose that builder.


Reputable building companies have solid work portfolios, with details on the materials they’ve used, on deadlines and work schedules.


Insurance Certificates


Always check whether the builders have their insurance certificates. Proper insurance policies should cover natural damage, theft, sub-contractors, and also workers, other people, and damage to neighbouring properties.


If you hire a builder to manage everything on your behalf, ensure they have adequate insurance coverage. If you only require a labour-only or managed-labour contract, agree on who should arrange and pay for the insurance.


A Good House Building Guarantee


Builders who are confident in their skills will provide you with an iron-clad guarantee on their work. Always check that you get this guarantee of the work and of finishing the project. The last thing you want is that you don’t receive any compensation for various hidden flaws or other such problems.


Check Client References


Any builder can show you some of their previous projects. However, there are things completed projects won’t reveal. How can you tell that the builder finished those homes in time, as agreed with the client? A completed house won’t tell you such stories, but a client would.


Ask builders to provide you with contact details of some of their previous customers. Contact those people and ask them everything you want to know to make an informed choice. Reputable builders will be happy to offer you these references, as they are usually confident in their skills and in the quality of their work.


Personal Communication


You want a builder who has good communication skills. Since you’re going to spend a lot of money to have your house built, you need to make sure you’re always in the loop.


There isn’t any smooth building process. You’ll inevitably have to put up with problems, delays and misunderstandings. You may not be able to stick to your deadlines due to things that are beyond your control. Sometimes, sub-contractors may not show up or suppliers may not deliver materials in time. Homeowners also may want changes before the project is done. Communication is essential to handling all these issues.


When you first reach out to the company, consider their response time. If they take a long time to reply, you should be extremely careful. Once you have their reply, ask them about their preferred workflow and communication methods. When you check client references, remember to ask about the communication with the builder, as that can make all the difference.


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